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Secure Storage

Store your Will and Estate Plan, keeping it safe. Original documents will be stored along with a digital copy which backed up, encrypted and saved to the cloud. 


When using secure storage, your documents are approved and checked for Validity. - Giving you the peace of mind, your Estate Plan is fit and proper.

ID Cards for the Will and Estate Plan - Retrieve

Once approved your documents are given a unique reference and you will be sent two ID cards for yourself and your executors as well as a list of what has been sent to store. 

Annual Updates

We want you to have a facility where you can keep your Will and Estate Plan up to date.


Not only will your documents be approved and stored, we will also give you the facility to update your Will and Estate Plan at least once annually. Which means as time goes on, you will always be up to date Will and Estate Plan. – T&C’s apply.

Flexible & Affordable

The cost is only £60.00 per annum, which makes it truly affordable. – T&C’s apply.

If you have other documents that will need to be found, we welcome you to store other documents with your secure storage package. For example, life insurance documents, funeral planning documents etc. T&C's apply.



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